tracking skills and measuring competence, assuring people and organisational safety

GPP-Digi Ltd brings together the unique skills of two organisations The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd and Digital Spotlight Ltd to deliver an effective online CMS (Competence Management System) to clients across the world.

Competence Management is a crucial process in any organisation and in particular, those organisations which are regulated under local, national and/or international law. The need to provide proof to regulatory bodies, and maintain the safety of people, equipment, the environment and the organisation means that all organisations should monitor the competence of people against performance standards, either in-house or nationally recognised.

The GPP-Digi Content Management Software Solution provides a route for organisations to manage the competence status of their people, where they are located, when they are due for reassessment of their competence, the status of their current competence, which job roles and tasks they are competent in and more.

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GPP-Digi - Why Do We Measure Competence from GPP-Digi on Vimeo.